Last month, a broad coalition of twenty-nine major national environmental, science and conservation groups  prepared an environmental “road map,” entitled “TRANSITION TO GREEN,” which was submitted to the Obama transition team for consideration, with recommendations for achieving a range of important goals. The recommendations are intended to “help channel American ingenuity into solving the economic, climate and environmental crises we now face.”

Read more about the coalition and its recommendations in this article from Grist:


Transition to Green

Transition to Green


To download the 2.2mb pdf file, click the image above or click here.

The file can be downloaded from a number of places, including from this page on CHANGE.GOV, the transition website for the Office of the President-Elect, where it is described this way:

These recommendations, respectfully submitted to the transition team for its consideration, were compiled by a broad coalition of leading national environmental and conservation groups.”

Go here (to the Natural Resources Defense Council’s media center) to read the official Press Release (November 25, 2008) 

The document is not short. But it’s well organized, has a relatively short Executive Summary, and it’s easy to review highlights or find the issues and recommendations of greatest interest to you.


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