FNP: Aldermen approve annexations

The article and graphic below were published in the Frederick News Post today. For the last year and a half or so, the City of Frederick has been engaged in a consideration of more than a dozen annexations requests, large and small.

The broader discussion and the process ratcheted up a notch when Mayor Jeff Holtzinger decided it was time to rescind an executive order from the prior administration barring new annexations (a moratorium that was never intended to be permanent).

Much of the process for a while was about…well…the process: How to go about dealing with all the annexation requests. One outcome of that process was a decision to deal with the requests a few at a time. The two annexations approved this week were not as controversial as some of the other requests (properties) are certain to be.

There are a few that are of great concern to me, for a variety of reasons. I’m not going to dive into the particulars in this entry, but will do so in the coming weeks and months.



Frederick News Post
December 19, 2008

By Adam Behsudi

Frederick will grow for the first time in nearly a decade, with the addition of two areas featuring a new shopping center with plans for a grocery store and the expansion of a retirement community.

The Board of Aldermen voted 5-0 in two separate motions to allow the two properties into the city limits.

The annexations include the Clemson property located at Md. 26 and Wormans Mill Road. The 43-acre property will include 350,000 square feet of retail space featuring a Wegmans supermarket and a Lowe’s hardware store.

The other annexed property would add more than 72 acres to the city to expand the Homewood retirement community at U.S. 15 and Willow Road. The project would add 345 housing units to the community.

“The process has been a long one,” said attorney Andrew DiPasquale, who represents the Homewood application.

The annexations are among 14 property owners who last February expressed interest in becoming part of the city.

But the two projects will take years to be developed and are subject to approval from the Frederick County Commissioners. They will also contribute to surrounding infrastructure.

The Homewood expansion would relieve demand for housing units. More than 400 people are waiting for a unit in the retirement community, DiPasquale said.

The Homewood annexation would contribute more than $860,000 to the city. The developer would also dedicate a two-lane road on the east side of the property bordering U.S. 15 where 60 feet of right of way would be contributed.

The Clemson property to be developed by FCD-Development LLC will include an enclave of land surrounded on most sides by the city.

The developer will contribute $500,000 to the city for use in infrastructure improvements including the construction of Monocacy Boulevard. The development will bring about $400,000 of additional property tax revenue to the city, said Bruce Dean, an attorney for the developer.

“We’re going to write a check, and the city can do with that money what it wants,” Dean said.

Aldermen discussed the option of addressing water allocation rules at a later date and agreed that developments being currently built would have access to water.

“My intent was to make sure those already in the process are protected,” said Alderman Alan Imhoff.


EDITED on December 23rd to add the following related link:


Frederick city approves two annexations
One would allow retirement community to expand by 345 residents

by Connor Adams Sheets


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